HostMe4Life - Money4Life

Refer your customers to HostMe4Life and earn an additional recurring income from the users you refer.

Key Facts

We pay $5 commissions on all referred sales

We pay you every month for as long as the referred customer hosts with us.

You must sign up for our Money4Life account to be illegible to receive payments.

Please Note:
The HostMe4Life Referral Programme is designed to reward customers with a paid Money4Life account only
You must have $50 or more to make a withdrawal from your Money4Life referral balance to your PayPal account
You must have $25 or more to add to your credit balance on your account
You must not try to process self referrals as we could block you from the Money4Life programme
All Money4Life requests have a 30 day payout delay to allow for refunds & disputes